Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Salon: book hopping

It's a cool, grey, and windy day here in the southland and that translates to curl up on the couch and read time. Maybe it's the weather or maybe it's something else entirely but I can't seem to settle down and stick with a book. I have picked up and started books of all sizes, shapes and descriptions. The only one I managed to finish was a kiddie book. I'm restless. So I'm traveling to varied locales and just dipping into them all by turns. I'm not in the Well of Lost Plots but, like Thursday Next, I am going from book to book. In my case, I am hopping rather than jumping and right now it seems as if I am in no danger of being stranded any of them. I did help Gregor safely out of the Underland (Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins) and have briefly visited a plane crash site in the mountains (Crazy for the Storm by Norman Ollestad) and pastoral village life in 1950's Great Britain (Sunlight on the Lawn by Beverley Nichols) as well today. Not sure where I want to journey next but I feel these other places are better left for another day. I guess my next trip will be to my tbr stacks, perhaps my most favorite trip of all.

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  1. I can relate - I wasted the first half of this month on books that just didn't do it for me. Luckily, I just finished one that grabbed me from the start. Hopefully, the slump will be over for you soon.


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