Saturday, May 30, 2009

Review: The Dogs Who Found Me by Ken Foster

Ken Foster rescues dogs. He not only takes them in to find them homes, but he takes them into his heart. With this book, he invites the reader into the stories of several of the dogs he's rescued, as well as some that he couldn't and who haunt him to this day. Weaving through the stories of the dogs that find Foster, is the story of his life with his own rescue dog, Brando, and then of sister rescue dog, Zephyr. Some of the stories of other dogs are incomplete feeling and I was struck by the sense that at times, Foster was working really hard to keep an emotional distance, perhaps so that he didn't end up adopting zillions of dogs himself. But I can hardly make that a complaint when I am incapable of going into pet stores that sell dogs without aching to bring them all home with me. This book will appeal to dog lovers, those whose animals sleep on the bed with them, curl up on the couch next to them, those whose animals are so confident in their owners' love they pester them with toys for hours at a time. It's a quick read, one that offers satisfying conclusions to most of the dogs' stories, and that reassures dog lovers that there are people like Foster out there, willing to take the abused, the abandonned, and the neglected into their hearts and their homes, even if it's just a way station on the road to their permanent home.


  1. "Those whose animals are so confident in their owners' love they pester them with toys for hours at a time."So, apparently Jazz is confident... That must be it. :)

    I never want to read these books, or even watch the sad movies about animals. (I'm so bad that I fear renting "Marley & Me", for instance.) My maternal instinct is miswired, and directed at animals. I can't stand knowing that they aren't all happy and loved... :(

  2. This is a book I think I would like, although I will probably cry throughout the book. I think I'll check it out.


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