Thursday, February 19, 2009

Unpleasant things

Apparently today is my day to see yucky stuff. First, a guy in my cycle class clearly wet himself. This was not sweat, folks. This was weak bladder control. Now I do feel some sympathy for this since I have wet myself while working out too but I have to say that it can be chalked up to several excuses that come close to making it acceptable. I have a weaker bladder than I used to thanks to 3 full term pregnancies resulting in quite large babies. It happened before I got into reasonably decent shape. *And* I was outdoors with no bathroom nearby. There's just no reason to pee in your pants when you are at the Y with locker rooms every two feet. Get off your bike and avail yourself of the facilities! Now I'm skeeved out by wondering which bike he peed on and which he probably didn't clean well enough to make up for the accident. Yucko.

Then, after my workout and a quick dash home to change, I was scooting along to my Weight Watchers meeting [and incidentally, their scale must be broken because I weighed more naked at home than I did fully-clothed (big sigh of relief from all readers not wanting that scary mental picture!) at the meeting) and trying to push the speed limit as much as I could since I was running late. Well, Murphy's law means that there was a very slow moving truck from the highway department two cars in front of me. And I wondered why they were keeping such a distance when it didn't look like he was throwing anything from the back of his truck. It wasn't long before I didn't have to wonder anymore as the cars in front of me turned and I was stuck at a stoplight behind what was obviously the road-kill cadaver truck. Yes, three deer legs poked out of the back at strange angles for me to watch as we bumped slowly over speed humps going through the little downtown by my house. On the plus side, the sight made me less interested in getting lunch once the meeting was over. I do think it'll be a while before that one leaves my retinas though.

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