Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Facebook: immortalizing the past

Have I mentioned my ridiculous obsession with Facebook here yet? I must admit it is fascinating to "see" people from my past, people I haven't kept in touch with or seen in years, as well as what all the folks in my daily life now are doing as we all go through our days. I particularly love doing status updates. I'm sure there are people who wish I wouldn't do them so frequently or are bored by what I write (Bored by me? How could that be, I ask you?) but I enjoy it so a big fat raspberry to them anyway. Generally when I get a friend request, there's no personal note attached although some people will write on your wall once you've accepted their request. I am equally guilty of requesting and writing nothing, just doing a quick scan of their wall and cheerfully going about my business tossing possums or parking cars (for those of you not on facebook, just ignore this strangeness). So when my husband forwarded me a friend request he'd gotten because of the personal note on it, I was surprised. Apparently I'd met this guy once or twice in total (he's a fraternity brother of D.'s but he was enough younger that I'd graduated before he got to our college) and I really honestly don't remember him at all. So it was a bit of a surprise that he remembers me. What he wrote was: "So which one of these three was K. [he misspelled my name] pregnant with when she whooped me shotgunning a beer?". Ok, aside from the period all out of place and lonely outside of the quotation marks, which was the way he wrote it, not the way I typed it in, gentle reader, I want to go down on record saying that I am 100% certain I was not shot-gunning beers while I was pregnant. But I did crack a bit of a smile to hear that this is how I am remembered (and he said in a later comment to D. that I was the only one to beat him in his four years at school--go me!!!). The funniest bit of all of this is that I have not been this girl for so long, it took facebook to remind me that I did party a bit once upon a time because I had completely forgotten. Maybe I should try to recapture a bit of the carefree spirit of the girl who could outshotgun the entire fraternity, not that I think I'd do it in the same way these days but it probably wouldn't hurt to let it all hang out a bit more often than I do now (provided we don't let our kids get facebook accounts and see what we're upt to any time soon!).

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  1. I've done the Facebook obsession lately too, looking up everybody I've ever known and then wondering why, since then I get the comments from all their friends, and the friends' friends... so hey, "invite me" I'll be anyone's friend!


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