Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Two shorts

Driving R. to dance on Monday, I saw a sign that said "Slow Funeral" on it. I noted the lack of appropriate punctuation and went on my way. Driving R. to dance on Tuesday, the sign was still up. So perhaps I should stand corrected. If it spanned two days, it was indeed a slow funeral.

I'm still working on organizing the basement (only 4 more boxes left to deal with in total!) and decided to move the seven thousand cans of paint from the corner the previous homeowners stashed them in. As I was moving them, I found several I can get rid of which inspired joy out of all proportion. Then I noticed one I thought I should probably be keeping based on the color smeared down the can. It's labelled "Prison White." Hmmmmm. We've always called it "Re-sale White" and given our penchant for moving hither, thither, and yon, we've generally left the walls this color because of unimaginative buyers. Might have to re-think or maybe make the kids touch-up paint with it as a part of their work-release programs when they are in trouble!

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