Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lost and Unfound

Do you ever wish that you could put certain items you own on a retractable tether like the pens at banks or grocery stores? Boy I sure do. We are going on an entire week here without my kitchen shears. Now this might not be a big deal given that I have no fewer than three other pairs of scissors in my handy-dandy organizer in the pantry, but I can't tell you how frequently I reach for the scissoes right there in the knife block beside my sink only to find them *still* missing. I suspect that if I went through and did a complete and thorough cleaning of the rooms of the tribe of "Not Me" peoples who seem to inhabit this house that I would find them but the thought of such a task just overwhelms me. I'm sure I'll eventually get desperate enough to do it (and I'll start in the room of the "Not Me" who recently gave all of her Bratz dolls crew cuts--yes, just imagine how ugly these troll-like dolls are without hair!!!). Tape is another thing that frequently goes on walk-about around here. Of course, tape never returns, which perhaps bodes ill for the scissors, although I like to hope that scissors being an unconsumable item, unlike tape, will mean there is a fighting chance at re-appearance. Actually, the tape disappearance can often be left at D.'s door, rather than the "Not Me" crew's.

Of course, we also have the problem that everyone has with the amazing disappearing socks compliments of the drier monster. I have an entire bag of unmatched socks at the moment. Every now and then a match miraculously shows up but I should probably declare some of them permanently mateless and just turn them into cat toys for my friends' cats.

And lastly, shame on those of you who started this post wondering if I was going to talk about my sanity. There's no hope for a return of that so there's no point in even bringing it up. ;-) I just hope my misplaced sanity hasn't gotten a hold of my scissors!


  1. I wish that objects had a remote control sensor in them, like the cordless phone know, you go to the base of the cordless phone, push a button, and wherever the phone is, it rings until you find it? Whenever something is missing, I wish I had a magic remote button like that.

  2. I'd love the remote location pager function too if it worked better than it does on my phone! We actually have a phone missing right now as well as the scissors and tape, and... but when I push the page button on the phone, it locates the handset currently in one of its other bases. Argh! So the third phone to the set remains awol, like so much else in this black hole of a house.

  3. What is it about tape? It doesn't matter what kind...scotch, masking, packing, mailing, even the blue tape we use for painting all goes missing and exactly at the moment that I need it. We have also had similar issues with scissors:)

  4. Well, I actually went and BOUGHT one of those pen tethers (those metal ball chain thingies) for my scissors... Office Depot. No more walking scissors. Kids HATE it and I LOVE it. Guess which is more important???

  5. I need tethers for all sorts of things, like my purse, keys, and phone. Can't blame the kids for those, can I?


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