Sunday, February 15, 2009

Go play outside

Did you get into predicaments when you were small after your mom told you to go play outside? I send my crew outside at every possible moment, wanting them to have something beyond an encyclopedic knowledge of tv shows when they think of their childhoods (not that they don't already have that encyclopedic knowledge, mind you). Somehow though, they seem to find more trouble than I ever thought about when they were outside. Of course, I just went outside and sat on a rock to read my book while they are a bit more active. Today's entertaining result of outdoor play is that our neighbor's trees look like they've been toilet papered with colorful streamers intstead of boring old bathroom tissue white. What actually happened is that my children, who really are bright, not that this would prove it to anyone, put together a kite and decided to fly it in our wooded front yards. Yep, the multi-tailed kite's strings (they did manage to rip the kite out of the tree but the streamers unfortunately didn't come with it) are now lodged high enough in the trees next door that D. doesn't even think he can free it on a ladder using a broom (and he's reasonably tall). Too bad it wasn't a purple and green kite so I could try and convince said neighbors that we were helping them decorate for Mardi Gras. ;-)

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