Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Eating everything in sight

I wonder why I manage to sabotage myself on the food front so often? The past week or so, I've literally been eating everything in a tri-state area. On the plus side, that means we won't have to move it. On the minus side, I will be carrying a reminder of it around my middle for who knows how long. And while I've been trying to eat things that have marginally decent nutritional value to them (in addition to the extra calories), for lunch today, I had 3 doughnuts and a Diet Coke. Yeah, that's healthy! My tennis coach mentioned doughnuts this morning and I was sunk, especially since I still needed to go to the grocery store for milk and other staples for the kids. ::sigh:: Wonder if the cream (of course they were cream filled!) went to my tummy, butt, or thighs?

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