Monday, June 23, 2008

Review: Sound Bites by Alex Kapranos

I don’t know the band that Alex Kapranos sings for (Franz Ferdinand?) so I definitely didn’t pick this up because of the celebrity connection. I picked it up because the idea of reading about international gastronomic adventures interested me. And while vignette-type chapters aren’t generally something I enjoy too much, I was willing to overlook them for kernels of goodness. Unfortunately this entire book is short and superficial and gave me no insight into how a band eats on tour, nor did it give a rounded out version of unfamiliar food or eating in unfamiliar places. Basically it was a set of jottings that failed to deliver on the promise it exuded on its back cover. And I’d be bitter about that but it took me about half a nanosecond to read it, it was so slight (okay, maybe a bit longer, but not much).

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