Sunday, June 22, 2008

Kids and running

I had a race this weekend. It was my first ever 10K. They also had a kid's fun run in which my kids had originally showed an interest. Well, as time went on one at a time pulled out. Because I am a smart mom, I didn't sign any of them up for the run (it costs money, you know!). But about two days before the race, T., who is all of 6, told me that he wanted to run. By this time I couldn't for the life of me remember details of the kid's race so I told him it was a mile and I wasn't certain he can run that far. He offered to prove me wrong. So I laced up my running shoes and took him out for a mile jog enroute to my longer run for the day. He bobbed along in my wake for a while without talking, which was worrisome since this is a kid who even talks in his sleep. I asked him if he was okay or wanted to slow down and he assured me that he was fine. We continued along with his hair flopping up and down and his feet slapping at the pavement. Finally he broke his silence and asked me if a mile was very far. I agreed that is was far, especially for a little guy his age. Satisfied with that, he kept going up the nasty hill that was the end of the run for him. I watched him jog gratefully into the garage and then headed out on the rest of my run. When I got back, my hubby was in hysterics over drama-boy's comments about the run. First, he got back into the house and announced that he couldn't feel his legs. Then, when asked where mom was, his response was, "Still out there killing herself." He was still flopped on the couch when I heard all this. I didn't hear another word about the fun run even though he'd proved to me that he could indeed do it. And even worse, it turned out that the fun run was only a 1/4 mile, not a full mile. Mean, mean, mean me!

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