Saturday, June 7, 2008

Squashed like a bug

W. has decided he really enjoys tennis a lot. Good thing since we've been spending a bloody fortune on his lessons. Apparently he's got a lot of natural talent too (which pretty much guarantees that I won't be willing to play him for long since I'm not interested in losing to my kid!). He was even invited to play in the high level match play games. Usually he's matched up with kids close to his age and ability level but tonight there were fewer kids than usual so he had to play whoever was around. He lost all his matches, which didn't sit too well with Mr. Competitive. The one he was most horrified by was the match he played against the guy he claimed was #5 on the Michigan State team. I wasn't there so I have no idea how he came to this conclusion but I somehow can't see any coach ever letting my mouthy 11 year old play tennis against a college kid who would wipe the court with him. Then again, if he was being too mouthy, perhaps that was the perfect solution (although then you have to pity the kid playing against him as he not only had to play a scrub but also listen to said scrub moan and whine and complain). After making certain that he enjoyed himself tonight despite all the losses, I had a good private chuckle over W. having to face being completely routed in every match. (He did tell me that the MSU kid only beat him 6-0 as if there was a way to lose worse than that!)

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