Friday, March 12, 2010

Chunkster Challenge

I often find myself shying away from big fat books. And those times I do start a big fat book, I tend to shuffle it aside for another, less-wrist-pain-inducing volume. The Chunkster Challenge should inspire me to keep going with these bigger reads. At least that's my hope. I'm only committing to the Chubby Chunkster level (3 books) because I looked over my scheduled reading for challenges and review and so far not a one of the books I have in line to read fits the criteria of being over 450 pages. So I'm going to have to squeak wedge some longer reads into an already busting at the seams schedule in order to attempt this challenge. But I want to try.

Rght now, the first three rather hefty books I have close at hand are Drop City by T. C. Boyle, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon, and The Golden Tulip by Rosalind Laker. The latter two are really quite big, especially after they soaked up half of Lake Huron last summer in the tragical boat sinking episode and expanded to twice their original size, which was no slender novella like thing either. Thes choices could certainly change but here's hoping they finally make it off of my "should read it someday" list.

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