Friday, October 3, 2008

Psychadelic bathroom

Yes, after an attack of fingernail polish, the above title is what R.'s bathroom looks like. I have never loved the tye-dyed look (ignoring, of course, that I do indeed have at least one tye-dyed shirt) and I definitely don't want it as part of my home decor. Especially not when it's painted on the countertop, side of the bathtub, and lid of the toilet. When questioned on the artistic folly, she first said she was painting Q.'s nails (a friend across the street). Upon further questioning, she admitted that this, and the water bottle she filled with water and dribbled polish into when the bathroom and Q's nails didn't prove diverting enough, came about because she was bored. Given that she's now grounded (and that includes no tv and computer) for the month of October, she's going to become close and personal friends with the concept of true boredom. As for me, over this month, check back here often to witness me going slowly but surely insane.

P.S. Any bright ideas how to get nail polish off all these surfaces without damaging them? The purple mostly came up with a thorough scraping but the yellow and blue are proving more recalcitrant.

P.P.S. I do not think this is evidence of an artistic mind. And I remain unconvinced that I will *ever* look back at this and laugh.

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  1. Did you try nail polish remover? I have never had it ruin a countertop or sink (and have had to do this more times than I want to admit)


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