Monday, October 27, 2008


When your 11 year old son cuts his own hair (no, R. is not the only one with impulse controls issues it seems), gets the best and shortest haircut he's had in a long time to minimize the damage, and then comes home and tells you that the 8th grade girl next door has taken to calling him "Mole Rat" in honor of his new look, just what exactly do you tell him? I was not at my eloquent best with my heartfelt, "Huh."

I never would have passed a test that assessed my fitness for motherhood. And yet, I was still allowed to have 'em. Poor kids!


  1. You could try to wiggle that into a combination of Water Rat & Mole both pretty cool dudes in my book... Might be a bit of a stretch though!

  2. Mole rats are kind of cute. Our museum has a colony.

    Huh sounds like a good response, though. Was that your response to his attempt at hairdressing as well?


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