Monday, May 5, 2008


I got my first speeding ticket in 20 years today. And unfortunately, I totally deserved it. Perhaps because I didn't argue or cry (he said it was because of my otherwise exemplary driving record), the police officer gave me an "impeding traffic" fine instead of speeding so I don't get any points on my license and as long as I pay the fine (again, no argument here), the whole incident disappears off my record in 20 days. Here's hoping that means insurance doesn't hear about it (and since he handed back my insurance card before even writing the ticket, I think it might mean that).

Once he handed me my ticket, he stood and talked to me about dogs (Miss Daisy was in the front seat--yes, I drive Miss Daisy) for about 5 minutes. It was a nice chat but a tad embarrassing as his lights were flashing behind me the entire time and given that I was on the way to pick up T. at kindergarten when he pulled me over, I suspect all the kindy moms now know I have a terrible lead foot. I'm the scandal of the kindergarten. ;-)

When I called hubby to tell him, he just laughed at me, especially when I told him I was rather pleased when, after giving me back my license, the police officer said, "You must have lost weight since you got this license." I agreed that I had (almost 60 pounds in fact) and he agreed saying that he noted my weight when writing out the ticket and was just sure I couldn't weigh that much. Then he congratulated me on the weight loss. Too bad he didn't settle for warning me instead of fining me but I guess I should just be happy I got a reduced charge and a compliment out of the deal!

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  1. Well, I'm glad he didn't give you a ticket. I can't remember my last one...I really try to pay attention to the speed, but know - those dang kids! It's all their!


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