Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I hope all the mothers out there had a nicer day than I did. The only way it was Mother's Day around here was that, per usual, "Mother" did everything. First of all, my DH, having moved several states away (hence our upcoming move), did not come home for the weekend. We actually won't see him again until Memorial Day weekend. So no breakfast in bed for me (I don't like breakfast so this doesn't really bother me) and no carefully orchestrated celebration of me (like this ever happens!) but most importantly, I could not escape for some peace and quiet (*this* was indeed the day's hardship). My kids didn't wish me a happy day (and they are currently yelling at each other again) even after my mother coached them over the phone. As a matter of fact, T. asked me, "Is it really Mother's Day?" "Not so's you'd notice," was probably not the proper response. My running group, busy enjoying the day with their more clued-in families, didn't meet so I had to run alone. At least I beat the rain. We had a house showing today so we had to be out of the house from 2:30-3:30. See above about the rain so we couldn't go to the park and we couldn't call any friends and impose on them because of this Hallmark holiday. :-P So I spent my Mother's Day cleaning the house, driving aimlessly to keep us out of the house for an inconvenient hour, and feeling sorry for myself. To add insult to injury, my period arrived a full week early. Apparently I have incredibly bad karma right now.

I will admit that it wasn't all bad. The smallest child gave me a heart-shaped plaster of paris handprint. As he's in kindergarten, his hand is a little big for this craft and the finished product is missing his middle finger (should be right in the middle of the top of the heart). I guess missing it is better than him giving me the finger. He also dictated a heartfelt card that included the sentiment that he loves me because I don't yell too much. Hmmm. I've also snookered him into thinking I really do like to watch the kids' sports. Good; at least T. hasn't noticed I haul a book to every event I must attend, even if R. and W. know. From R., I received a hasty assembled card and a very colorful origami swan. I should probably ignore the fact that all art supplies used to make this were not put away or cleaned up (small confetti-shaped pieces of paper clippings look good scattered all over the kitchen floor before a showing, right?!). As for W., well, the oldest gave me confirmation that he's headed towards puberty like a freight train. He actually "got" me nothing but in an "it's the thought that counts" kind of way he shared that he almost got me a new cell phone. Now before you think this is sweet, please know that the truth will always out. He heard an advertised deal for two cell phones for the price of one and figured if he got me one, I'd be so grateful for a better phone than I currently have (actually I don't care one way or the other about phone features/capabilities) that I would give him the other one, thereby fulfilling his long-held wish for his own cell phone. He's going to be a challenge, that one.

Ah well, tomorrow's another day, right?

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  1. sorry you had a lousy day. But I had to laugh at W - that is so exactly something Ryan would do!


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