Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Mailbox

A pair of wonderful looking books, one from the beginning of the week and one from the end.  This past week's mailbox arrivals:

Never Hug a Nun by Kevin Killeen came from Blank Slate Press and TLC Book Tours for a blog tour.
A novel about a young boy growing up in the quiet innocence of 1960's suburban St. Louis, this sounds lovely and humorous and nostalgic.

Fresh Off the Boat by Eddie Huang came from Spiegel and Grau through LibraryThing Early Reviewers.
A memoir by one of the hottest chefs today, this tale of growing up as the child of immigrants and only staying grounded through food sounds amazing.

As always, if you'd like to see the marvelous goodies in other people's mailboxes, make sure to visit BermudaOnion as Kathy is hosting this month's Mailbox Monday and have fun seeing how we are all doing our part to keep the USPS and delivery services viable.


  1. Reading the title "Never Hug a Nun" made me grin. Both books sound promising! Here’s my Mailbox Post.

  2. They both sound good...Never Hug a Nun seems like it is going to be quite humorous.

    I hope there are some good recipes in the book as well. :)


    Silver's Reviews

  3. They look great...I especially like the look of Never Hug a Nun. Enjoy!


  4. These are new to me. Enjoy! Have a great week reading.

  5. Both of your new books sound terrific to me! I will look forward to your thoughts on them!

  6. I recevied Fresh Off the Boat too and am looking forward to it! It is perfect for my Immigrant Stories Challenge!

  7. These both sound intriguing to me. Enjoy your new books!

  8. Two great titles, enjoy!

  9. Hi Kristen,

    You have a couple of intriguing books there, although neither of them would probably be for me, as I don't read memoirs.

    I hope that you enjoy them both though and I look forward to reading your reviews in due course.


  10. Enjoy your books and I look forward to your reviews!

  11. Those both look like they will be a lot of fun to read!

  12. Two very unique titles! Hope you enjoy them. I especially love the title of the first one. =O)

    Have a great week!


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