Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Salon: Wandering through books

Like last week, this week I did some more lovely wandering through books. I finished my travels through the dangerous South American rain forests with the gently reared wife of a French geographer. I went on a year's teaching exchange to America with a young British woman, not suspecting the effect it would have on my relationship with my boyfriend or on my life in general. I helped make matches for folks at an Indian Marriage Bureau. I suffered through WWII in Warsaw, living through terrifying times at the Warsaw Zoo. And I found a soul mate with a Regency-era Countess who fled her abusive husband.

There are an incredible amount of books on my bedside table with bookmarks already inside them, just waiting to take me on my next voyage of the imagination. Some of them will likely be finished by the time next Sunday rolls around and others will staill be waiting to transport me back into their worlds as other books take precedence, drawing me in and refusing to let me go until the last page is turned and the satisfied sigh after an adventure well-appreciated is heard.


  1. Awww. . . What a great post. I think I can guess one of the books you read last week. The Zookeeper's Wife?

    I hope the journeys you go on this week are as good as last week's. Happy reading.

  2. Oh..I want to hear about the one in the South American rain forest!

  3. I aways find so many great book recommendations when I come here. Thanks Kristen.


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