Friday, June 12, 2009

Review: Sunlight on the Lawn by Beverley Nichols

The final installment of Nichols' delightful Merry Hall trilogy, this is as charming and witty and thoroughly satisfying as the previous two books. It flows seamlessly from the other books, offering the reader yet more of Nichols' humor, eccentric neighbors, and blooming garden. Miss Emily and Our Rose have a nuclear style tiff; Nichols endeavors to build a mountain, moving it dirt pile by dirt pile from a local mountain onto his property; a massive balustrade is tumbled willy-nilly into the garden; and so much more happens here. I must admit I finished this book with a melancholy sadness wrapped around me, not only for knowing that I was finished with such a warmth inspiring series, but also to know what the forward tells me about Nichols' final years. So reader be warned, do not read the forward first. It properly belongs as an afterward when you are already mourning the end of your journeys to Merry Hall. As with the others, I highly recommend this book. Now excuse me while I scavenge around for more of Mr. Nichols' works.

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