Monday, June 29, 2009

It's Monday! What Are You Reading This Week?

I haven't participated in this meme hosted by J. Kaye at J. Kaye's Book Blog before but have seen it through the weeks on others' blogs. I thought I'd play along this week and see if it inspires me to get through some of the longer lingering books in the "in progress" pile so I don't have to post about them again next week. We'll see if it works for me or not!

Books I completed this week are:

The Pig Did It by Joseph Caldwell
The Castaways by Elin Hilderbrand
How Perfect Is That by Sarah Bird
The Pirates! In An Adventure With Napoleon by Gideon Defoe
Time Stops For No Mouse by Michael Hoeye
Ooh La la! by Robin Wells

Bookmarks are still living in the middle of:

The Far Pavilions by M.M. Kaye
The Big Rock Candy Mountain by Wallace Stegner
As Sure As the Sun by Anna McPartlin
A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains by Isabella Bird
Atmospheric Disturbances by Rivka Galchen
Instances of the Number 3 by Salley Vickers
What We Eat When We Eat Alone by Deborah Madison and Patrick McFarlin
The Actor and the Housewife by Shannon Hale
Divided Lives by Elsa Walsh

Reviews posted this week:

Crossed Wires by Rosy Thornton
Burnt Shadows by Kamila Shamsie
Looking After Pigeon by Maud Carol Markson
The Cat Who Covered the World by Christopher Wren

I have 12 books still awaiting review (including this past week's six books). Seeing these lists (have I mentioned I love making lists?!), it's no wonder I am behind. I read 6 or so books a week and yet only write 4 or fewer reviews. Hmmmm. Must work on this! With luck, next week will have a better ratio--and not because I stop reading entirely.


  1. Wow -- you read a ton last week. I am really looking forward to reading The Actor and the Housewife -- hope you enjoy it too!

  2. Doing this weekly meme has really pushed me to read more consistently. Not sure if I would have read so many if not for this event.

    Glad you decided to join in!

  3. Wow, you've been incredibly productive this week! Great going! :)

  4. I haven't participated before either, and I'm hoping it'll push me to finish some books quicker!
    Happy reading ♥

    My monday reading is here

  5. Great week - I have the same problem with my books read to reviewed ratio. But I don't want to give up the reading. I had a slower but good week. Hope to read more this week.

  6. Wow, some great titles. Enjoy!


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