Friday, November 30, 2007

Gerbil wheel

Why is it that this time of year practically sends me into panic attack mode? I am busy all year long so it's not like this is that much of an added strain. I'd chalk up the crazies this year to the fact that I'm also trying to get the house ready to go on the market but I suspect that's just an excuse, not an actual cause.

I have barely scratched the surface on Christmas presents for my kids and I need to buy something for them from my parents too. I'm not sure they actually have enough on their Christmas lists to accomodate everyone buying for them (and we have a pretty small family). Ok, the five year old has enough but I am desperately trying to lighten the toy load, not add to it! I wonder if they'd notice if I just box up some of the current clutter and re-gift it to them?

The clutter does seem to be wildly out of hand lately for some reason. I have boxed up a bunch of outgrown stuff to send to my sister or to Goodwill, whichever will take it sooner but there's another whole stack of stuff that I need to find a home for within my home. And while my home has never looked like a magazine advert, right now it looks like pack rats who raided a toy store are the only inhabitants here. Not the best look to present to prospective buyers (that is, if there are still any left in this dreadful real estate market)! Of course, I could always opt for the trash heap look, as my oldest child clearly prefers. Explain to me why snack wrappers apparently didn't count in his mind when I told him that his room needed to have everything off the floor for the carpet cleaners? Is it because technically he's not supposed to eat anywhere but the kitchen so he thought ignoring their presence would enable him to claim ignorance about food in his room? Or was it because he figured it was no big deal to have me throw them out (my threat for anything left on the floor)? Whatever the reason, color me ticked off. At least the other two did a reasonable job cleaning up their rooms and it was just the one that had things piled cattywampus on his desk and bed.

And while I'm ranting, let me add that I am less than pleased with the carpet cleaning job. There are still stains all over the carpet. ::sigh:: I know that getting the bacteria and dirt up is the main purpose of carpet cleaning but the stains were high on my priority list as well. So do I call them back and ask them to send their chemist out to do the stains or do I just stew over it (especially as the guy doing it gave me a good deal on it)? Probably no one else would even see them but since I know where to look, I can see that they are definitely still there.

I really am working on being less irritable and stressed overall but today doesn't seem to be my day. And I'm wondering if I'll have any success at calmness at all any time before January. Deep breath! What I have actually accomplished today: everything is off the floor, carpets have been cleaned as well as can be (I guess), daughter's Christmas program costume is finished before the dress rehearsal tonight. I guess I should just ignore the looming to do list for a bit. Maybe I need a bath (I could always scrub the tub out as it drains and that would knock one more thing off the to do list).

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