Monday, November 26, 2007


Seems sort of anti-climactic to be writing my very first entry but I guess I'll probably get used to that feeling (just don't tell my husband I said that!). Mostly this will be a meandering, eclectic sort of blog but chances are you'll generally run across book reviews, chatter about my various runs, and uncensored blathering about my life.

For the first instance of the latter, I'll share something most of you in the cyber world probably won't even get but for those few of you who do live in Ohio or Kentucky, enjoy! We were driving along to basketball practice (and from there to dance--but I digress) when Brad Paisley's song Cooler On-Line (and if I have the title incorrect, I do apologize but don't really care) came on. Now, my ten year old knows this song backwards and forwards and while I think it is funny, I never paid a ton of attention to the words. But after the line "I can have a three way... chat with two women at one time," I had to contain myself because W. innocently said, "I'm surprised he knows what a three-way since he's not from Ohio or Kentucky." It was all I could do not to explode into laughter. For those of you still unclear as to why this is so darn funny, check out Skyline Chili . And no, I didn't laugh in front of him because I had no desire to explain that kind of three way to a ten year old. As my husband said, I don't even want to explain a two way if I can avoid it!

And now that I've alienated any possible readers, I'll head to bed after suggesting you check back another day when I might have this thing better figured out and not have needed to write about my kid and my puerile sense of humor.

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  1. I'm from Ohio but I wasn't sure, either, until you mentioned Skyline Chili :) Nice blog!


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