Monday, December 3, 2007


Life is still not any better for me. After spending all day on a problem that was completely computer generated (not user, no way, no how!) for the volunteer position I was sucked into for the kids' school, I decided to check my e-mail. How pitifully exciting it was to see an offer from Snapfish in there that would make the Christmas calendars I make for my whole family significantly cheaper than I've ever gotten them before. I diligently chose the pictures, fought with stupid Windows Vista to get them uploaded, created the calendar and then could not get the dumb site to recognize my gift card numbers. I was beside myself. I emailed support and eventually found a phone number to call. So I wait on hold for 25 minutes (no joke--good thing I had e-mail to read while I was waiting) only to realize once the customer support person comes on that my gift cards aren't for Snapfish. They are for Shutterfly. ARGH!!!! Good thing you can't blush over the phone.

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