Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Mailbox

My mailbox just keeps providing and providing. I will be reading great stuff for years at this rate! This past week's mailbox arrivals:

A Rural Affair by Catherine Alliott came from Penguin UK.
I discovered Catherine Alliott many years ago, cheerfully ordering her books from the UK long before she was ever published in the US. So finding a new Alliott book in my mailbox, this one about a widowed woman who is starting to bloom into life again after years in a loveless marriage, is always cause for celebration.

The Grief of Others by Leah Hager Cohen came from Riverhead Books
I've already reviewed this fantastic book here.

Alice Bliss by Laura Harrington came from Penguin.
A timely novel about a young teenaged girl whose beloved father deploys to Iraq and the way that life must march forward in his absence, I've already read this very emotional novel.

Passing Love by Jacqueline Luckett came from TLC Book Tours and Grand Central Publishing for a blog tour.
I do love books set in Paris and ones that have long hidden love stories at their core are even more appealing to me.

The Anti-Romantic Child by Priscilla Gilman came from TLC Book Tours and Harper Perennial for a blog tour.
A memoir about a mother-poet and her first child who is atypical, diagnosed with a developmental disorder, I look forward to reading about this family and the love amongst them.

The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving by Jonathan Evison came from Algonquin Books.
A novel about a caregiver who is recovering from his own epic loss and who develops a relationship with the boy slowly succumbing to muscular dystrophy who is his first charge, this will certainly be a deep and touching read.

The Aleppo Codex by Matti Friedman came from Algonquin Books.
A true life detective story about a Bible that disappeared and then reappeared incomplete? Gives you shivers, doesn't it? Well, it does for nerdy, bookish me.

As always, if you'd like to see the marvelous goodies in other people's mailboxes, make sure to visit Reviews by Martha's Bookshelf as she is hosting this month's Mailbox Monday and have fun seeing how we are all doing our part to keep the USPS and delivery services viable.


  1. I enjoyed ALice Bliss and The Grief of Others; hope you do as well.

  2. I've heard good things about Alice Bliss and A Rural Affair looks good as well. Happy reading!

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