Thursday, September 30, 2010

Training Day 2

Did I say that starting to run again was hard? What I didn't realize when I wrote that was that pushing myself out the door for day 2 would be even harder. I skipped yesterday because of a torrential downpour despite knowing that my kids just *think* I am a wicked witch and that I won't actually melt. So I knew that I had to get myself out there today or call this a failed attempt at a re-start. And how weenie would that look given how much I've whined about getting back out there? So with motivation at an all-time low, I scanned the closet for a shirt that would cover the jiggly bits even while I bounced along, re-did the velcro strap on the iPod case from the strangulation setting (aka much thinner Kristen setting) that I endured on Tuesday and dragged my already aching legs out the door into a chill, grey, misting sort of day. At least the weather gave me a good excuse for the tortured expression on my face. It's always easier to explain away a scowl when it's spitting rain than when the sun is shining and the birds are chirping and all is right with the world except your aching thighs and quads and groin muscles, etc.

I again chose my "regular" hill route and huffed and puffed my way through it slowly. I spent a lot of time arguing with myself how far I was going to run. I alternately gave myself permission to stop after a mile (ya big baby!) and then bullied myself into committing to going all the way back to my house (a whole mile and a half plus). Whimpering over such short distances is disheartening even if I am starting from scratch. So that's something I need to figure out how to banish from my head. Actually, if I figure out how to banish things short of knocking myself on the coconut and suffering full scale amnesia (which might be the condition I had in regards to starting exercise again come to think of it), I coud probably make a mint (and I have a long list of other things I need to permanently forget too). On the plus side, I am fairly easily distracted so almost stepping on a tiny turtle with a shell the size of a silver dollar interrupted the nattering voices. Yes, when you run as slowly as I do, you do get to see nature in all its tiny glory.

I found, as I ran and the music played along, that I don't remember the order of the songs on the marathon playlist. This is sad for two reasons. One, that means it has been incredibly long since I have had any running reason to play the playlist. Two, it shows how long it's been since I heard anything but the first four songs on the list. And no, today didn't advance me to song #5 either despite the fact that I ultimately won the mind over matter battle and ran all the way to the house and then walked another quarter mile or so for a cool down. I know there are good songs buried in there somewhere. But I suspect they don't tee up until mile 5 or 6 or so. And heaven knows that could be months before I get there!

And finally, on the run today I had a (semi)wardrobe malfunction that I had never experienced before. I chose a hair tie that was too loose and my pony tail slid out of the holder piece by annoying piece. And it isn't easy to try and grab your hair and jam it back into a band when you are running, at least not if you are the epitome of uncoordinated like I am. I probably shouldn't even have bothered trying as I looked rather like Cousin It on a bad hair day when I got home too. Do I have more hair than two years ago? Less? Why can I not make the ponytail holder work correctly? At least I've got something to ponder to keep my mind off of my aching muscles. And next time (yes, there has to be a next time) I think I'll use a different hair tie. Wonder if I can get different muscles too?


  1. you know, you should take a day off in between so don't worry about that one. I find I have to use the ponytail holders with the gold string running around them - the plain ones just don't grab my hair and stay in. They're always sliding out. Nevermind that I have about 3 of the former and 30 of the latter!

    Some songs I recommend:
    El Matador - Los Fabulosos Cadillacs
    Lump - Presidents of the United States of America
    Sugarhigh - Coyote Shivers
    Black Horse & The Cherry Tree - KT Tunstall
    Bulletproof - La Roux
    I'm Still Standing - Elton John
    Laid - James
    The Mercy Seat - Nick Cave
    Midnight Bue - Lou Gramm
    Sober - Pink
    Strip - Adam Ant
    This Ain't a Scene It's an Arms Race - Fall Out Boy
    Ways to be Wicked - Lone Justice
    Would You...? - Touch & Go
    99 Red Balloons - Goldfinger

    Have fun! Let me know if you want to go for a walk.

  2. I so hear you. Was doing so well with working out earlier this year--every morning plus kickboxing at least twice a week. Then summer hit and I just got "too busy" to do it. This week we have been back at it full force (get up early every morning) but I still haven't made it back to kickboxing yet.

    My time management sucks, I just can't seem to pull it together to get it all done.


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