Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New York Challenge

In honor of BEA and the Book Blogger Convention, Jill at Fizzy Thoughts created the New York Challenge. I'm not going to make it to either fun event and I know I'll be jealous as all get out of the people who are able to go and wallow in books and the people who make them possible. Despite being terribly jealous, I'm going to go ahead and join this challenge so I can be in NYC between the pages of a book if nothing else. Check out the link above to see the rules (but do it quickly since this one is almost over). My book for the challenge is The Girl Next Door by Elizabeth Noble. I've got it read but by the rules of the challenge, I also have to get it reviewed by the 15th. That could be the real challenge for me right now!


I have had to disable the anonymous comment option to cut down on the spam and I apologize to those of you for whom this makes commenting a chore. I hope you'll still opt to leave me your thoughts. I love to hear what you think, especially so I know I'm not just whistling into the wind here at my computer.

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