Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Men and Dogs giveaway

Last night I went to Katie Crouch's reading at Park Road Books. It was an intimate event and although it would have been nice to see more people there, the smallness was nice too since we all got to chat comfortably after Katie finished reading a couple of selections from her book. It cracked me up when Katie said that the inspiration for the story was her grandfather's disappearance on a fishing trip and then she added that his disappearance made him more interesting than he'd otherwise have been. I know the book bumped up in my tbr stacks for sure after hearing snippets and I'm still kicking myself for not taking my copy of her first book, Girls in Trucks, to have it signed as well. (That's what I get for making a cursory grab at the bookshelves as I raced out the door.) For those of you in the Raleigh area, you have the opportunity to go to a reading tonight or tomorrow night and you should definitely take the opportunity:

May 26th, 7pm
Regulator Books in Raleigh-Durham

May 27th, 7pm
Barnes and Noble, Cary Commons, in Cary

But enough teasing those of you who can't magically appear in NC to hear her read, right? Henry from Hachette graciously offered to let me give away three copies of the book in conjunction with this southern portion of Katie's tour. Thanks to a random number generator, the winners are commenters 10, 20, and 8:

Dawn M

Congratulations and I'll be sending out e-mails asking for your addresses. Those of you who didn't win, you'll want to make sure you pick up a copy of this book from your local bookseller.

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