Sunday, April 25, 2010


Because we are not a normal family, tonight at dinner the conversation turned to arm pits. T. announced that his are bald and waved his arms in the air so we could all see. (Did I mention that dinner tonight was at a restaurant?) R. checked hers to make certain she was clean shaven and then made a comment about T. being stinky despite his having had a shower earlier after his tennis match. I suggested that perhaps a more liberal use of soap was needed. W. looked at me quizzically and said, "You use soap on your pits? I always use shampoo because they're hairy." Poor D. now knows why his shampoo gets run through so quickly!

(comic from hedrondude's Another Reality 6 series)


  1. LMAO Sounds like a subject my own family would entertain.

  2. And for us, E won't even let us see his arm pit hair....

  3. Ha! I hope W. gets lustrous body and lift from his efforts.

  4. Ha, funny recent story about "pits"...

    My nephews (5 and 7) told my mom when getting a bath that they needed to make sure their "leg pits" were washed. When she asked how they came up with that name, they said, "Well, we called it our penis pit but Mom said we shouldn't say that outloud and changed it to leg pit."


  5. Egads! You don't even want to know what directions conversations take at our dinner table.


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