Friday, August 22, 2008


I am a complete slug.

I have no desire to unpack the scads of boxes in the house. This means we have eaten out for every meal since we arrived. Even that is getting boring.

I have no motivation to run. This means I have played hookey from my training schedule this week (although I'm hoping this is an okay thing since my legs seem to have needed the rest). I am riddled with guilt over this.

I have no interest in calling the head of the dance studio R. went to a few days ago to tell her R. won't be dancing there. This means I am an ungrateful and rotten soul since this woman was lovely and went out of her way to try to make us feel welcome.

All I have been doing lately is eating my weight in junk food and wasting time on facebook. Yeah, that's productive!

Wonder if I should muster up the oomph to find a doctor and see if they can prescribe some happy pills for me. :-P

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