Saturday, August 23, 2008

More on moving

Questions inspired by moving:

1. Why is it that you will need a doctor or a dentist or an ER the first week or two after you move? (We've needed a doctor for a booster shot required by school--urgent care had to handle that one--and a dentist for tooth reconstruction since R. chipped her tooth today when she came up from under water at the pool--did the good Lord not grant this child eyes with which to see the large, immovable, concrete barrier right in front of her face? On second thought, maybe we need an opthamologist too.)

2. Why can't cardboard boxes be a decorating statement? And no, I don't mean on the walls like in that old episode of Trading Spaces!

3. Why don't you appreciate the grocery store you know and love until you are wandering around lost in the aisles of a foreign store, looking at brands with which you are completely unfamiliar? I didn't really expect them to carry either Graeter's (the stores in Detroit didn't either) or frozen Skyline (one store in Detroit did) but I was hoping. And not having the good yogurt flavors is just unpardonable since that's my chosen breakfast these days.

4. Why is it that the things you need most desperately are apparently deep in the depths of some box you might never uncover? We've been here three days now and we still haven't located the box with W.'s sheets. He's sleeping in the doggy smelling papasan chair in his room instead of in his bed. Oh, and we actually had to go and buy T. some new shin guards despite owning enough of those to outfit an entire team because they were not in his dresser any longer but he needed them for practice today.

5. How can a house be bigger than your previous house and yet you still have a garage full of furniture you need to haul to Goodwill because it simply doesn't fit in the bigger house? Most of the stuff I'm okay with getting rid of but there are a few things I am determined to save, even if my house starts to look like a furniture showroom floor.

6. And finally, why do we do this every couple of years? I mean, I morph into a complete b%tch and yet somehow we still think this is a good plan. Not moving must induce amnesia in us.

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  1. I did the cardboard box as decorating statement for several months (still have some, actually). We had a maze instead of living room furniture. Then I realized my mom was coming to visit in a week and I panicked and got a couch.


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