Monday, September 17, 2018

Monday Mailbox

The supplemental books are still rolling in and a good thing since I've read a lot during Florence's big rainy visit. This past week's mailbox arrivals:

Never Greener by Ruth Jones came from me for myself.

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if you made different choices in life? Me too. So this book about a woman who meets the married man she had an affair with when she was younger and, despite the fact that each of them is happily married, faces the choice of whether they should make a different choice this time around. Sounds intriguing, no?

Bowlaway by Elizabeth McCracken came from Ecco.

Why did I want this one? Because it's Elizabeth McCracken, right? But also because it's about a woman discovered unconscious in a cemetery who opens a bowling alley and marries the town doctor and it just gets weirder sounding after that.

The Going and Goodbye by Shuly Xochitl Cawood came from me for myself.

I heard about this one on a podcast and I do like memoirs about leaving and memories so I thought I'd give it a shot.

The Other Us by Fiona Harper came from me for myself.

Yep, another what would you do if you had the chance to live your decisions over again book. I do like them rather a lot, I know, but how can you not want to read all iterations of this theme? I mean, it's like the book version of itself. LOL!  And this one has the main character waking up in her 21 year old body again so its truly a reliving (or not) your choices one.

If you want to see the marvelous goodies in other people's mailboxes, make sure to visit Mailbox Monday and have fun seeing how we are all doing our part to keep the USPS and delivery services viable.

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  1. I love Elizabeth McCracken. I think I have all her books but I hadn't heard she had a new one. Thanks for sharing.


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