Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Mailbox

A much more reasonable week in terms of mailbox arrivals but no less appealing in terms of quality.  This past week's mailbox arrivals:

The Comfort of Lies by Randy Susan Meyers came from Atria and TLC Book Tours for a blog tour.

A woman having an affair with a married man gets pregnant and gives the baby up for adoption. The woman who adopts the baby did so to please her husband and wonders about her ability to mother this child. When the wife of the married man finds proof of the child's existence, she goes in search of the little girl, her adoptive mother, and her biological mother. How juicy and explosive can this one get?!

The First Warm Evening of the Year by Jamie Saul came from William Morrow and TLC Book Tours for a blog tour.

Mutual friends of a woman come together after her death, challenging their hitherto uncomplicated lives, this one sounds like a lovely, life-affirming read.

If you'd like to see the marvelous goodies in other people's mailboxes, make sure to visit Unabridged Chick as she is hosting this month's Mailbox Monday and have fun seeing how we are all doing our part to keep the USPS and delivery services viable.


  1. The Comfort of Lies looks really good to me. And yes, very juicy! Enjoy your new reads :)

  2. Enjoy! your new books.

  3. Oh, god, The Comfort of Lies makes me want to break out in hives! The stress! Enjoy it! ;)

  4. The Comfort of Lies sounds really good!

  5. The Comfort of Lies sounds very stressful. :)

    The First Warm Evening of the Year looks good too.

    ENJOY your books.

    Giveaway going on at my blog for THE CONFESSION by Charles Todd. It is in the post right below Mailbox Monday.

    My Mailbox Monday link is below.

    Happy Monday!!

    Silver's Reviews
    My Mailbox Monday

  6. The First Warm Evening of the Year sounds lovely. Or maybe it's just the sound of a warm evening that's got me. Enjoy both your new books!

  7. Both books sound like winners! I hope you enjoy them both!

  8. I'm not familiar with either of these. They both sound good. Enjoy!
    2 Kids and Tired Books MM


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