Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Snapshots from my day...

Day two of spending all day in the middle school media center running the spring book fair. We are out of The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay. Need I elaborate on how the kids are taking this news? Need I say how displeased I am that the only thing they are interested in reading right now is not available for them to buy from us right now?

W. played in his second official high school tennis match ever. Normally he only plays the exhibition matches because he's not one of the top six. And he and his partner, another freshman, won their match 10-7! Woo Hoo! Go boys!

Being trapped at school for so many hours, I haven't had a chance to sneak in any exercise and it's making me positively nutty. Given that this is totally unlike me (to crave exercise), I'm pretty sure I am completely and totally broken. And I forced T. to leave soccer practice as soon as it was over instead of letting him goof off with his team like usual so I could get in a couple of miles before it got too dark to run. Someone needs to take my temperature and quick!

I was enjoying my music so much that I plugged the iPod in while I washed dishes. I was totally rocking out to it when T. came up from the basement with his hands over his ears and told me to "Turn that racket down." Then he got all huffy about having to listen to "that old music." I don't intend to be nice and turn up the car radio when his favorite band is on anymore. Does this interchange make him old and intolerant or me?

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