Monday, October 11, 2010

Body 2, Head 0

Instead of mind over matter, my running career seems to consist of faking out my whiny brain, trying to shut down the negative chatter, and just continuing to put one foot in front of the other in a relatively straight line (if not watched carefully, I am like a horse given her head--always turning back to the home stable). Today was a win. I actually forced myself out there and took a run. And I really do mean forced. I did not want to go. I knew I should go. I knew I really needed to go. But I did not want to see the pavement any closer than from the window as I lounged on the couch with a book. Do you see what I am up against mentally with this running thing?! And yet the head lost today because I got out there despite my internal dialogue. Of course, I had to listen to myself trying to defeat me most of the way through the run. On the plus side, by the end of the run, the voices in my head were silent and I didn't feel as badly as I have the past few times out. Signs of improvement I think. Maybe the next time this happens I can actually try running a bit farther instead of stopping. This time though, I was tired of pushing my glasses up my nose and the call of the barking dogs left at home reeled me in.

I don't know how people who wear glasses and not contacts do it. My eyes have been red and itchy and since I was uncertain if I have allergies (never have until I moved here) or if I was suffering from pink eye, I haven't been wearing my contacts. So the run meant that either I ran with glasses or I ran blind. And I mean truly blind. Having had a terrible foot injury when I was able to see and being a klutz of the first degree, I decided that running blind was one of my dumber considerations. And that's going some! So I left my glasses on and plugged away. When the doggoned things weren't slipping down my nose, they were fogging up turning them into a whole new kind of road hazard. I'm going to have to go back to thinking about running blind (still not my best idea) or concede allergies and just put the contacts in regardless.

Other than the glasses thing, the run itself was uneventful. Same route as usual. Same huffing and puffing as usual. Same internal negotiations about when I can stop running as usual. Same jiggly bits as usual (you'd think this would be helping the weight loss plan but it's not). I did learn something new post run though. I learned that if you putz around in your yucky, smelly running clothes long enough for the too small sports bra to dry, it is significantly easier to peel off than when it is oozing sweat. You're welcome for that mental image. :-) And with that bit of worthwhile advice, here's hoping that the body beats the head into submission some more this week and the number of times I run goes up (even if I stop posting about each and every one).

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