Friday, March 14, 2008

Random musings

In my quest to buy and sample anything I want from the produce department (if it's in there it must be healthy, no?), I have discovered something really tasty: coquito nuts. They are essentially little coconuts from Chile. You just pop the whole thing in your mouth and crunch down. The bag suggests dipping them in chocolate, which I'm sure is out of this world, but I am trying to lose weight you know. And as for all the "eat locally" people, honk off. Finding appealing produce is hard enough without being limited to icky, heavy, winter produce from Michigan.

My husband will be home this weekend and to surprise me, he sent me roses yesterday thanking me for all I do for him and the kids. This officially makes me a colossal b*tch. You see, I might have mentioned, when thanking him for the lovely flowers, that while I appreciate roses, I far prefer tulips. Good thing he loves me or he might have taken offense! Oh, and I thought I showed great restraint in not mentioning that the accompanying note was grammatically incorrect as well. On second thought, maybe I should have mentioned that instead of dissing the flower choice because grammar police is and has always been part of my genetic make-up.

I have been stuck at home with sick kids (two out of three) for three days now. I am ready for the men in nice white suits and carrying a rubber coat with extra long sleeves to come and collect me. I am completely trapped and if they can't go back to school today, I can't be responsible for my actions.

Because of sick kids, I haven't bought a single present for the child whose birthday is tomorrow. This alone will convince him to return to school so I can go shopping. Don't know about the other one though. And have no idea how to accomplish all the birthday shopping I need to do (including cake although I am leaving school treats until Monday at this point). Will a 6 year old appreciate a whole pack of gift cards?!

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